Without ever yielding to the sirens of automation, the Chocolaterie de Puyricard has remained since 1967 a craft company rich in know-how, creativity and driven by an undeniable passion for quality work and the choice of excellent raw materials. It is for these reasons that it was the first food-processing company to obtain the Living Heritage Company Label in 2010. With a network of 20 stores spread across its native Provence, Toulouse and Paris, the Chocolaterie de Puyricard demonstrates every day the extent of its passion for "hand-made chocolate" and the emotions it brings.

Know-how and craftsmanship

At Puyricard, it is the human who adapts himself to the chocolate and the raw materials, and not the recipe which is designed according to the human or the technical constraints.

All year round, twenty Master Chocolatiers and craftsmen work in our workshops in Puyricard. It is a highly skilled profession where you have to master the techniques of molding, coating and making pralines, ganache’s or caramels. Each person must guarantee the realization of the recipes established according to the Puyricard charter, while also controlling the raw materials used.

Thanks to their expertise, they have the capacity to innovate on limited series, creations of chocolates, calissons, marshmallows or biscuits.
They sometimes go so far as to create sculptures, or even chocolate dresses, for the “Salon du Chocolat” fashion show in particular. Each chocolate is subject to the look, touch and perception of human. No machine, however perfected, would provide the quality of Puyricard chocolates.

Each chocolate is subject to the look, touch and perception of human. No machine, however perfected, would provide the quality of Puyricard chocolates 

Exceptional raw materials

The "Puyricard charter" is very demanding. We work exclusively with natural and fresh products, the selection of which can take us a long time and sometimes delay the development of a new product. These are fragile products, extremely vulnerable to all sorts of variations (temperature, method of conservation...). We do not use preservatives and never freeze our chocolates, so as not to alter their taste. Photo or video editing: “Beurre des Charentes”, fresh cream from Alsace, vanilla bean from Tahiti, hazelnuts from Piedmont, almonds from Provence or cinnamon from Ceylon... 

The choice and the tailor-made

We produce our chocolates when our shops order them, to ensure the greatest freshness, avoid waste and adapt to your preferences of the moment. You can found this philosophy in our shops: the 100 varieties are presented on our chocolate tables so that everyone can make their choice according to their taste. Each box is individually composed according to the customer's wishes and packed in the colours of the season. The Chocolaterie de Puyricard does not use "pre-packaged" chocolates, except at Christmas to limit waiting time and because the quantities sold guarantee the freshness of the chocolates. We also offer different packaging for each product: packets, rulers, boxes... to enhance our delicacies as you wish. 

The freshness of the products

The Chocolaterie de Puyricard has voluntarily lowered its best before date. We advise you to taste your products quickly so that they reveal all their flavours.

You have to taste them to believe it !

Tasting our chocolate sweets means understanding in one bite all the meaning of this uncompromising artisanal work, which is so important for us. Take advantage of our guided tours to plunge into the heart of our know-how and observe the master chocolate makers at work. You may be able to glean a few manufacturing secrets, and you will be able to perceive the value of the "hand-made" and the quality of the raw materials.